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Configure your Passive Ear Plugs the way you want them

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ProFlex are not suitable for very small ears. CENS® digital (acrylic) can be made as an alternative.

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CENS® ProFlex Passive Module
ProFlex Passive Module

Passive filtered modules,
available in 5 colours.
Priced per insert.

inc. VAT

CENS® Silicone Gel Cast (Pair)
Silicone Gel Cast of Impressions

Once you have this cast made, you wont need to visit a retailer to get an impressions made again.
(After you have had your impression taken, send it to us)

inc. VAT

CENS® Wind Shields
CENS Wind Shields

Fits over the ears to further reduce wind noise in severe conditions with your CENS® digital.

inc. VAT

PureClean Comfort Gel
SmartCare - Earplug Cleaning

Earmould sealant / comfort gel for easier insertion and removal of in-ear hearing systems, earpieces and earmoulds. Supplied individually.

inc. VAT
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