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ProFlex Earpiece Colours
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Transparent Earpiece White Earpiece Yellow Earpiece Beige Earpiece Orange Earpiece Red Earpiece Magenta Earpiece Lime Green Earpiece Green Earpiece Camo Green Earpiece Azure Blue Earpiece Lilac Earpiece Blue Earpiece Black Earpiece
HIGHVIZ Logo Neon Green Earpiece Neon Yellow Earpiece Neon Orange Earpiece Neon Pink Earpiece
Marble Colours Logo Marble Camo And Black arble Purple And White Earpiece Marble Pink And White Earpiece Marble Yellow And Black Earpiece

Please note: Marble colour earpieces are available by selecting any 2 of the colours shown above.

Click here to view our interactive colour gallery.
Electronic 312 Module Colours (ProFlex)
ProFlex Logo Yellow ProFlex Module Blue ProFlex Module Red ProFlex Module Orange ProFlex Module Green ProFlex Module Black ProFlex Module
Electronic 13 Module Colours (ProFlex+)
ProFlex+ Logo Yellow ProFlex+ Module Blue ProFlex+ Module Red ProFlex+ Module Orange ProFlex+ Module Green ProFlex+ Module Black ProFlex+ Module
ProFlex Passive Filtered Module Colours
ProFlex Passive Logo ProFlex Passive Insert - Transparent ProFlex Passive Insert - Blue ProFlex Passive Insert - Red ProFlex Passive Insert - White ProFlex Passive Insert - Black
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