What is Hearing Protection?

Hearing protection is an essential requirement for shooters using shotguns and rifles with the exception of rifles fitted with moderators using subsonic ammunition. Even centrefire rifles fitted with moderators can produce sound levels capable of damaging your hearing.

Custom made CENS® devices are manufactured to exactly match the contours of the ear so as to provide extremely comfortable hearing protection, by effectively blocking the outer ear and ear canal, these devices prevent high air conduction sound pressure levels from reaching the ear drum. This prevents acoustic trauma thus injury to the hearing mechanism in the inner ear due to very loud noise. Much in the same way as sticking your fingers in your ears in the presence of loud sounds reduces the sound you hear.
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Noise Reduction Levels

As CENS® earpieces are custom-made to be a perfect match to your ear, they provide highly effective noise reduction, helping to protect your vital hearing. Gunshot noise is around 120dB to 180dB depending on gun and ammunition, and being exposed to 100dB sounds for longer than 15 minutes per day will start to cause permanent damage to your hearing.
The louder the sound, the sooner the chance of permanent hearing damage, with symptoms such as continued ringing in the ears, or temporary hearing loss are signs that should be using hearing protection.
Custom-made earpieces provide amazing noise reduction, effectively reducing gunshot noise to a safer level.

Without some form of hearing protection the sound of a gunshot at close range, will irreversibly damage your hearing for life, and that’s a fact!

Hearing Protection Sound Levels
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