CENS® Gift Pack available for BASC, CPSA and Pigeon watch members


The NEW CENS® Gift Pack is here! Complete with the all new CENS® torch, PerfectDry® Lux and PureClean cleaning wipes.

This exclusive pack is FREE with selected* CENS® electronic hearing protection for BASC and CPSA members who can prove that they are a member, normaly by emailing us a picture of your membership card either to basc@puretone.net or cpsa@puretone.net

Pigeon Watch members should be able to locate the Pigeon Watch code on the website, which can be entered at check out to make sure that you receive the gift pack.

You can also buy the gift pack if you are not a member of any of the above organizations from our shop by clicking here.

*Terms and Conditions
Only one Gift Pack worth £125.97 (inc. VAT) may be added to your basket free of charge when choosing one of the following models: CENS® ProFlex digital 1, CENS® ProFlex+ digital 1, CENS® ProFlex digital 2, CENS® ProFlex+ digital 2, CENS® ProFlex Competition, CENS® ProFlex+ Competition, CENS® ProFlex Hunter or CENS® ProFlex+ Hunter (full custom-made model or a pair of electronic modules).

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